The Diary of a Regency Lady

A fresh and amusing take on a modern Regency marriage.



“Life, even in the provinces, can be entertaining if only one has the means with which to enjoy it. But since my jewels spend more time in town than I do – albeit at the pawnbroker – I am forced to be more than a little resourceful.

With visits from my charming but wayward younger sister Georgiana, who has made an art form of losing chaperones, a mother-in-law who would not dream of interfering and house guests who all too often outstay their welcome, I hardly have the time to strive for self improvement but I am determined to add to my accomplishments and therefore be more interesting than my neighbours and certainly more fascinating than my Treasured Spinster Friend Susan Simmons – not difficult as she is NINE and TWENTY and still a SPINSTER. So this year I intend to embark upon a path of reading, travel and mixing with Harrogate’s circle of Artistic Types. A lady must always make an effort to add another string to her bow no matter how pressed for time – or coin – she may be.

If only there was a legacy in the offing …”

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The Reynolds Seafaring Saga

Safe Harbour

Safe Harbour – The eagerly awaited gripping conclusion to the Reynolds seafaring saga. A tale of secrets, intrigue and uncertainty.

Whitby 1775.

Eleanor Reynolds has always longed to travel and with their tenth wedding anniversary looming Gabriel is planning a surprise to mark the occasion. With three children, thriving business interests and ambitious expansion plans Gabriel knows a sojourn abroad would be no more than his beautiful wife deserves.

With Lisbet and Abner back in the fold and Captain Padraic Turner about to set sail for Virginia, Gabriel and Eleanor are busy but content. But then a freak accident, a young woman with a secret and an old friend with an eye for the ladies seem intent on causing waves at Westshore. Can Charles Noble live up to his name or is he set on a path of betrayal? Is enigmatic Rebecca Argyle really who she says she is?

Worse is yet to come when Gabriel’s past rears its head dividing his loyalties between an earlier indiscretion and his present life but with Eleanor by his side he never fears he will be able to navigate a course through choppy waters… but at what cost?

Once again trust and loyalty are called into question causing dissension, doubt and discord. Will Gabriel and Eleanor be forever at loggerheads or can they finally swim against the turbulent tide to reach safe harbour?

Find out in Safe Harbour – the dramatic finale of one man’s love for an unconventional woman.


The Turning Tides

The Turning Tides. The Second in the Reynolds seafaring saga. A tale of jealousy and jeopardy, mistrust and malice.

 Gabriel Reynolds and his stunning red-haired wife Eleanor have settled happily into married life at Westshore…or have they? A woman with a loaded gun, a servant with a grudge and a buccaneering Irish sea captain seem intent on rocking the boat.

When Caroline Hodgeson makes what her ex fiancé Gabriel sees as an unsuitable match, it sets off a chain of events which will change all their lives. And not for the better.

Enigmatic Captain Padraic Turner and beautiful Bryony Swift, a new servant at Westshore, stir up unexpected feelings of envy and mistrust, suspicion and doubt. Gabriel soon sees the calm waters he’d anticipated have turned squally. Every day the tide seems to wash more problems to his door. Even when a happy announcement is made Gabriel’s longed for settled home life looks set to be wrecked by forces beyond his control.

Can his constant lady help him steer a course to safe harbour? Or will she abandon ship when the seas turn rough?

The Turning Tides – the continuing tale of one man’s love for an unconventional woman.

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My Constant Lady

My Constant Lady – the first in the Reynolds seafaring saga. A tale of love, loss and loyalty.

North East Coast 1765

When Gabriel Reynolds meets flame haired serving wench Eleanor Barker in a Whitby tavern little does he know it is a meeting that will change the course of his life. First she runs out on him leaving him frustrated in more ways than one. Then the next time they meet , in more conventional circumstances, he finds she is engaged to be married. Undeterred and back in his home town of Alnmouth Gabriel knows he has to win the love of this beguiling woman and so sets about putting his house in order. But before he can declare himself fate deals Gabriel a cruel blow.

Back in Whitby Eleanor, who is in fact the daughter of a prominent ship builder, has troubles of her own. Learning her fiancé has been untrue she ends her engagement. In revenge her spurned lover tells her about Gabriel’s past – a past she finds difficult to accept. Forced to choose between love and loss Eleanor flees to Amsterdam searching for answers. Will Eleanor’s principles jeopardise her chance of happiness or can Gabriel convince her that he is not the man he used to be? Will the course of their love ever be plain sailing?

My Constant Lady – a sweeping historical love story of one man’s love for an unconventional woman.

Jane’s first book Never the Twain was released on October 7th 2019 and is available to buy on Amazon. Look out for the blog tour on all social media platforms. It will run for two weeks from 7th October.


Book cover for Never the Twain

Never the Twain: A twin tale of jealousy and betrayal, love and murder.

The year is 1890. The port of Whitby is heaving with sailors and where there are sailors there are brothels doing a roaring trade. Beautiful identical twins April and May are in desperate straits.   They have been abandoned by their actress mother and are about to have their virginity auctioned off to the highest bidder by a notorious brothel madam.  Read more . . .

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